Why Do We Need Disinfection?

  • Disinfection refers to the treatment of cleaned surfaces with solutions that are effective in destroying pathogenic cells and substantially reducing the number of undesirable micro-organisms that can cause disease or trigger allergic reactions.

  • Some items and surfaces require the added step of disinfecting after cleaning to kill pathogens and other harmful bacteria on a surface, e.g., sinks, counter-tops, toys, table surfaces.

Benefits of Disinfection

  1. Disinfection is particularly beneficial for households with young and/or elderly individuals who have weaker immune systems and thus are more susceptible to adverse reactions from contacts with pathogens and bacteria.
  2. It also stops the spread of contagious illnesses and diseases such as hand foot mouth disease (HFMD) by removing these harmful pathogens before they can be passed to another individual via contact with a common surface.


  1. You may identify one or more rooms in your home for sanitisation.
  2. In less than 30 minutes, the surfaces and air in the room(s) will be disinfected and the room can be used immediately after being aerated for a short while. After use, the non-toxic sanitising solution leaves a neutral smell in the treated room and does not pose any harm to your health.