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Booking Instructions

1. Service Booking
A service with HomeHelpy is only booked after successful payment is made.
2. Cancellation
Customers are to pay 50% of booking price if you cancel the booking 12-24 hours before your service commences. There will be no refund if you cancel 12 hours before. Your booking fee will be refunded to you in terms of HomeHelpy credits which you can use for future bookings.
3. Rescheduling
Customers are able to reschedule their booking in the HomeHelpy app or portal. However, you can only reschedule your booking 24 hours before your service commences, and the rescheduled dates and hours must amount to be lower or equivalent to your booking fee. The furthest date you can reschedule your service is one month from the booking date.  
4. Non-completion of Contracted Service
             (1) if the service failed to be carried out not due to rescheduling or cancelling of the booked service (i.e. customer no show), our customer service centre will try                          to contact you for 15 minutes. If we are not able to get in touch with you within this period, the service will be considered to be terminated, all fees paid                                 (inclusive of any promo codes) and no refund will be issued.
             (2) If the service failed to be carried out due to the failure of the HomeHelper, the customer and HomeHelpy can come to alternate arrangements in the form of                          alternative timing for completion or to render complete refund of the paid fees (including any promotional or discount vouchers).
5.Service Provisions
              (1) Prior to service commencement, please ensure that there is sufficient cleaning tools and consumables in the household. If there are insufficient cleaning tools                   and/or chemicals in the household during our service period, our HomeHelpers will do their tasks to the best of their abilities, with whatever tools and                                      chemicals available in the household.
              (2) Customers are to ensure that common utilities like water and electricity are in working conditions.
              (3) During the commence of the service, please provide any appropriate instructions to our HomeHelper to ensure your satisfaction in our service. If you need to                        leave during the service, please inform the HomeHelper. Based on different home requirements or relative cleanliness, customers can book additional hours                           using the HomeHelper app or portal for services that could not be completed within the booked hours or may require additional time. 
              (4) After service completion, please check the work completed and ensure nothing is missing from your premise.
              (5) We do not encourage that you pass the key to the HomeHelper. If you have to do so, we are not liable for any missing or damaged items.   
6.Service Assessment
We appreciate your valued opinion and feedback. Hence we strongly encourage our customers to fill up the customer feedback at the end of the service to help us serve you better in the future.
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